The Koths on the road

Where are they and what trouble did he cause now?

Retired and Traveling Full Time

The first trip commenced the very first day after the last day at Northrop Grumman. First stop was Ohio to visit our daughter and her family. Then we saw an old friend
who is extremely ill with cancer. Her daughter from Arizona is taking care of her. Her grandson was there and she seemed in very good spirtits all things considered.

We struck out for South Dakota on the Wednesday after Memorial day. Stopped overnight in Rochester Minnesota, then went on to Madison South Dakota our new "residence".

Since we will have no property or any dwelling permanently sited, (we are full timers) we can choose to live in any place where the state is ameniable to "citizens" without roots.
We chose South Dakota because it is the most friendly to its citizens. No state or local taxes, one half of the going rate for vehicle taxes, no vehicle inspections or tailpipe sucking.
They do have a sales tax, and they do charge you to register your vehicles each year. Certainly a lot more friendly than either Maryland or even worse Ohio.

After our business in South Dakota was finished, we struck out for Michigan to visit our son. He had come down with pneumonia, so it was going to be a stop and go.
Spent the night in Green Bay and then drove along the northern coast of Lake Michigan in the upper peninsula. Found a beautiful Delta County campground on Big Bay deNoc.
Punched it into the GPS for a return some day. Over the Mackinac bridge and then to my son's house. Visited with him for a few hours, dropped off a bunch of boating supplies too.
We overnighted in Wixom and then returned to Ohio for an overnighter at our daughters.

Back to Maryland to get the house ready for some open houses and to get a lot of doctor and dentist appointments out of the way.

Fourth of July and we stayed in what we affectionately call "Camp Crummy". Daughter and two granddaughters stayed with us and we had plenty of room in the new trailer.

Next trip we took to Shenandoah National Park and camped in Big Meadow campground. Had a geat time until Kathy came down with Pancreatitis and we had to rush to the hospital. Some emergency surgery to put in a stent and then a whole bunch of poking and probing. Interim operation to remove a bunch of the stones blocking her bile duct and then a stent replacement. Next step is a third procedure to clear the rest of the stones and remove the stent.

House is sold and we are on the road. First to a nice camp in Hancock MD where we stayed a few days and really enjoyed the natural setting and the friendly folks. Moved west to Salt Fork State Park where we stayed and enjoyed some new parts of the park we had not seen in our many previous visits. Nest stop in a KOA in Indiana, then another KOA in Iowa. Got to our home address in Madison and set up in Lake Herman State Park. Beautiful place with widely spaced huge campsites. One other trailer on the other side of the campground. We really enjoyed the stay.

Moved west to the Black Hills and found a great campground with full hookups and again only a few campers in the whole campground. We have toured all over and seen deer, turkeys, antelope, bison, mountain goats, squirrels, but the elk and bighorns have evaded us so far.

No sooner do we think we will not see Bighorn, than we travel out in the morning to explore the Badlands and there on the side of the road is a small group of females and young sheep. Saw more bighorn as we traveled.

Touring Custer state park to the south we saw and fed the begging burros. They operate cooperatively with some blocking the road and others begging food at the car window. We drove throught Wind Cave national park and found the elk parks which the campground owner told us about. Circled back to the camper for dinner and went back to find two very large herd of elk coming out of the wooded ravines and onto the open areas. We watched them until it was too dark to see them even with binoculars.

Our last day in the Black hills and we toured the needles again as our first trip through was in a howling wind storm with blowing snow. Got some great pictures and then toured south again where the animals roam. We have seen more wildlife here than any other place we have ever been. The list includes, red squirrels, gray squirrels, pine squirrels, whitetail deer, mule deer, turkeys, grouse, hawks, Chinese ringneck pheasants, prairie dogs by the hundreds, bison by the hundreds, elk, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn antelope,
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